“Is Haunted Harold a demon?”


Is it just me or does his eyes appear to be red at times?

On the Ghost Adventures episode, they weren’t, but in these, his entire eyeball appears red.

What do you believe is within Harold? Do you think demonic?

I think we know it is quite malevolent so far. Jake

Hi Jake,

It’s not you. In another video, you can CLEARLY see the dolls eyes turning red. I film these on my Samsung 5 and then load it onto YouTube, sometimes without reviewing the video. My point is, there’s no camera effects involved. Apparently, one of the spirits in the doll is able to cause the doll’s eye’s to appear to be red.

Do I believe it’s a demon? To be honest with you, no, because I don’t believe in the existence of “demons” being minions of the Devil, doing it’s bidding.

I do believe that people can be evil, and that their energy, if they do not cross over into the hereafter, will remain evil. I believe that the energy of evil can be harnessed, and perhaps that’s what’s going on here. Someone who was vile while he or she was alive, will have malevolence as their “discarnate consciousness” after they die. That seems to be what’s going on here. A practitioner of black magic tethered a malicious spirit (or two) in order to keep at least three of the five spirits trapped and secured to the doll.

My goal is to find out why, and how this happened, and to release the three spirits that don’t belong there.

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