I’m afraid that Haunted Harold may be….

I’m hearing more and more reports from people, literally, around the world, of being attacked by the doll. I won’t mention all of them but yesterday one man told me that every time he watched one of my videos of the doll, he’d become nauseous, and would develop an instant headache. I posted a video on Harold’s Facebook group page and he told me that as he watched it, he not only felt nauseous, but a knife flew in the air, barely missing his wife!

Another woman asked me if the spirit in the doll might go after her daughter. I told her I doubted it. The next night her daughter was in a car accident, and had to be taken to the hospital. A few days ago she said that she dropped her daughter off at school, and everything was fine. Then she got a call from the school saying her daughter had a panic attack. She’s now on anti-depressants.

Back in 2005, these sorts of things caused me to put the doll away for 8 years. Now, I’m thinking of taking the doll out of the public eye again while I continue to investigate it. I really think that a lot of the incidents I’m hearing about fulfill a warning I received from a Clairvoyant who told me that if I continue what I’m doing, “Harold said there will be hell to pay.”

Http://HaroldtheHauntedDoll.comHarold's drawing


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