Haunted Harold Live Broadcast!

Here’s your chance to investigate one of the world’s most haunted dolls with me, it’s owner, live! I will be doing a live broadcast talking about, and conducting ITC experiments on Harold the Doll. The event will be broadcast and filmed via my full spectrum video camera and I’ll be conducting live experiments with a REM-POD, SB 7 spirit box, as well as an Ovilus 4!

This live broadcast will be held starting @

9 p.m Eastern Standard Time
8 p.m. Central Standard Time
7 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

This doll has followers from literally around the world, so if you live in outside of the United States, please check the time it’ll be happening in your area.

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer, please submit them to anthony@haroldthehaunteddoll.com. well ahead of time!


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