Haunted Harold’s entities, and spirits?


I have had a picture in my head of Harold for a while and made up my mind a few days ago that I would sit down in January, after the holidays, to put the picture to paper…
Last night I was sitting at my desk working on some handmade cards…bright and happy beautiful cards. Around 12;30, after my husband and kids went to bed I got this urge to draw a picture of Harold. I am not one to put my artwork into the form of a drawing, I like to cut things out of paper and piece them together to make my pictures. Anyway, I felt I really needed to carry out this urge so I grabbed my drawing pad, that’s never been used, and went to work. Two and a half hours later this is what I had.
I started with the child at the bottom of the picture, I have felt for a long time that there is a child attached to the doll. Then I drew the woman, I heard a woman’s voice in one of the sessions that Anthony had recorded. The bigger boy on the right, I don’t really have an explanation for him I just drew what I felt this entity is. The dark figure in the center started out as kind of a joker type character, but I decided to just do him in all black because he was not one I could clearly picture, He was kind of back in a shadowy area. The big thing with the horns is what is holding/keeping the spirits with it. I tried to draw the doll, but I couldn’t. After a couple of tries I decided the doll wasn’t meant to be part of the picture and drew the words “Haunted Harold” in the corner of the picture.


Harold's drawing

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