Haunted Harold and the REM POD mystery


Harold seems to love to mess with electronics. People have reported that their phones froze, or their computers crashing, after reading about the doll. One day, at the hotel I live at, the phone system was down. A tech came out and told the front desk that all of the wires were rearranged. The phone system is in a locked room none of the employees go into. One day, the “fire lights” were flashing, but only on my floor and on my wing. An electrician was called out and found out that a wire was disconnected, causing a short.

Last night I turned my REM POD on, and it was acting strange. It activated suggesting that something was disrupting the EMF field it was generating… then nothing. Finally, it turned off.

I turned it back on and it activated for a moment. I touched the antenna… nothing. Then it turned off again. I thought it must need new batteries, even though the one it was fairly new.

Today I was about to put a new battery in, when I turned the POD on. It works fine now.

Reminds me of the issues I have on occasion with my new Ovilus 4. By the way, my REM POD is less than two months old.


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