One of the spirits claims responsibility

This morning, one of the spirits in the doll claimed responsibility for much of what’s been happening to me over the last 10 years.

I was replying to a question on one of my YouTube videos as to whether or not I’ve ever been injured by the spirits in the doll. After I answered it, I began to think back over the 10 years that I’ve had it, and some of the things that happened. Especially in the last year (2014).

“I’m responsible for that,” I heard psychically.

“What?” I thought to myself.

“I did that. Not Harold,” I heard. It was the female spirit in the doll.

Now, keep in mind, that it’s wasn’t until recently that I even believed that there was a woman in the doll. When the psychic medium on the Ghost Adventures episode claimed there was, I didn’t believe HER.

A week before the episode aired, Marianne called me on morning to tell me about about a boy she heard calling out her name in the middle of the night, waking her up. She asked me if I thought it was Harold. I said, “No.” In my mind, Harold was a young man.

The next morning she called me again to tell me that she heard an angry woman screaming her name. It startled her so much that she got out of bed and looked to see who was inside of her apartment. She asked me, again, if I thought it was Harold. I thought, unless the spirit is capable of mimicking a woman (which is a distinct possibility), I didn’t think so, because I believed that there was only one spirit in the doll, a young man.

When I heard what this woman had to say, I thought to myself, “Son of a bitch, things that have happened to me (especially in the last year November, 2013 – today) are making even more sense now.”

She told me that when she tried to wake Marianne up that night, Marianne wouldn’t wake up until she screamed her name. She’s now telling me that Harold made it so that Marianne didn’t hear her at first. She was preparing me for the show, so that I would know that there is more than one spirit in the doll, contrary to what I thought.

This whole thing has been like peeling an onion. When I think I’ve got a handle on things, I realize it’s only a layer.

Do I still think that entity that now calls itself Harold is responsible for things that have happened? Most of them, but not ALL of them, anymore.

I told Donna at one time that I believed I was chosen to own the doll by Harold. After a bit of time she told me that she agreed with what I was thinking – that Harold chose me to own this doll. It wasn’t an “accident.” I told her, I now believe that it was the woman in the doll that chose me.

After this morning, I’m convinced of it. Is she some “psychotic” woman who would have been in an insane asylum as the interpreter for the Mexican psychic medium claimed she said? I don’t think so. I now believe that she’s a woman desperate for me to free her son, the other male and herself, and she’s doing whatever she has to in order to make sure I stay focused and make that happen. It has been 10 years after all.

Who knows how long this has been going on?

Harold's drawingHarold13

Haunted Harold’s entities, and spirits?


I have had a picture in my head of Harold for a while and made up my mind a few days ago that I would sit down in January, after the holidays, to put the picture to paper…
Last night I was sitting at my desk working on some handmade cards…bright and happy beautiful cards. Around 12;30, after my husband and kids went to bed I got this urge to draw a picture of Harold. I am not one to put my artwork into the form of a drawing, I like to cut things out of paper and piece them together to make my pictures. Anyway, I felt I really needed to carry out this urge so I grabbed my drawing pad, that’s never been used, and went to work. Two and a half hours later this is what I had.
I started with the child at the bottom of the picture, I have felt for a long time that there is a child attached to the doll. Then I drew the woman, I heard a woman’s voice in one of the sessions that Anthony had recorded. The bigger boy on the right, I don’t really have an explanation for him I just drew what I felt this entity is. The dark figure in the center started out as kind of a joker type character, but I decided to just do him in all black because he was not one I could clearly picture, He was kind of back in a shadowy area. The big thing with the horns is what is holding/keeping the spirits with it. I tried to draw the doll, but I couldn’t. After a couple of tries I decided the doll wasn’t meant to be part of the picture and drew the words “Haunted Harold” in the corner of the picture.


Harold's drawing

Did Haunted Harold do this?

Harold's pinch

I received this pic from a woman named Kathy, who’s been following my investigation of the doll, commenting on Harold’s Facebook group, and watching my videos. A few nights ago she got up to go to the bathroom and saw this on her upper thigh.

After my usual grilling, asking her questions to eliminate the logical, I’ve come to the conclusion that this may have been the result of one of the malevolent spirits in the doll telling her to back off.

It appears to be a pinch to me.


Is the Investigation Making Haunted Harold tired?

Harold - flashlight test
 A question from one of my videos on YouTube from “Electric Pyroclast” –

Can you maybe ask him more about the interviewing itself? Like if he prefers the flashlight over the Ovilus 4 or if it sometimes makes him tired manipulating your equipment when answering your question. Maybe even ask if he sometimes lies in his answering. Hehe… you never know what a demon’s thinking.

Hi Electric, to be honest with you, I haven’t been doing a lot recently because I’m worn out from dealing with the doll! I have started writing a book because after doing three interviews over the last 4 months I realize that there’s no way to convey what’s been going on with the doll since I’ve had it in an hour or two interview. Anyway, writing the book has been wearing me out, and I’m a published author!

I will get back to doing my investigation, trying to communicate with the spirits in the doll probably after the new year (2015) though.

Thanks for the question!

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Haunted Harold and the REM POD mystery


Harold seems to love to mess with electronics. People have reported that their phones froze, or their computers crashing, after reading about the doll. One day, at the hotel I live at, the phone system was down. A tech came out and told the front desk that all of the wires were rearranged. The phone system is in a locked room none of the employees go into. One day, the “fire lights” were flashing, but only on my floor and on my wing. An electrician was called out and found out that a wire was disconnected, causing a short.

Last night I turned my REM POD on, and it was acting strange. It activated suggesting that something was disrupting the EMF field it was generating… then nothing. Finally, it turned off.

I turned it back on and it activated for a moment. I touched the antenna… nothing. Then it turned off again. I thought it must need new batteries, even though the one it was fairly new.

Today I was about to put a new battery in, when I turned the POD on. It works fine now.

Reminds me of the issues I have on occasion with my new Ovilus 4. By the way, my REM POD is less than two months old.