Haunted Harold has a new website!

Haunted Harold has a new website! It’s HaroldtheHauntedDoll.com.

If you’d like to find out the latest that has been going on with the doll, especially after it’s appearance on the Ghost Adventures television show, please go to HaroldtheHauntedDoll.com!


16 thoughts on “Haunted Harold has a new website!

  1. Tracy Brown

    This is just a little over board on a doll. You are all full of crap and are just giving the devil power over you. Pray for your sins.

    1. Rob

      Tracy I think you’re a very closed minded person that is putting input into a situation you don’t fully understand. I will pray for you and that God will open your eyes to blessings like mercy and grace because you have no understanding of either of these.

    2. Roxanne

      ….I pray for you Tracy…you obviously have already given up to the entity that you perceive as the devil…if you believe there exists only one devil…than you are mistaken…but, it is no ones position to guide you…for you have chosen your path…I have a small collection of 150 *spirit* vessels in my home…would you like to babysit for the weekend…I am sure you would change your ideas on Harold…reality, life, dimensions…

      1. Claire Petty

        Ok. Anything a doll piece of jewlery furniture ANYTHING can have a spirit attached to it.

  2. Kristina

    While I don’t think it’s full of crap. I don’t think you are with Harold for the right reasons. He has a lot of sadness and anger inside of him, which is why he acts out. You are not trying to connect him to his loved ones, who are here or beyond. That want to be with him. Stop trying to get famous off of him and look for his rightful care taker. I You are holding onto more info that you are not sharing about him and he doesn’t like most living people after a while anyways.

    So be careful.


    1. You’re right, Kristina. I am holding onto more info than I’m revealing, but for good reason, and I’ve been open about that. I have revealed enough information though, that if you’ve been keeping up with the story so far, you’d know you’re far from correct about me not being it’s “rightful caretaker.” Unless, of course, you’re thinking that’s you. LOL

  3. Claire

    He looks so innocent. Just want to cuddle him, and sew up his tares. But that innocense spells trouble. Just looking at him makes me feel uneasy. I can’t help think though “he’s so cute”, that cuteness is only a mask.

      1. Claire

        Thank you. I have experience in the Paranormal and have had experiences with a “toy”, or what seemed like a very innocent stuffed animal. Seemed to have started when I was very very young however, receiving this stuffed toy, seemed to escalate things even more. I could go on and on and on but this Harold, he’s good, he’s good at drawing you in. He’s good at manipulating, he’s good at making you feel for him, love, admiration, and just want to cuddle him. Whenever I look at him, I just want to pick him up and hold him, fix him, love him, but then the danger flag goes off. He is dangerous.

  4. Roxanne

    …all must remember…it is not what we can see that can harm us…it is more what we cannot see…I have been a “haunted” doll collector for twenty years…I call them my *spirit* babies…they are vessels to protect the souls of children who passed and do not know how to move on to the next realm…for what I have seen, heard, and , experienced with my children…I challenge anyone to doubt…one of my favorites..a six month old *soul* who actually took three breathes from me…his chest was moving, he was breathing…as I was not…so, doubt the *spiritual* vessels, if you choose…come see my children…they will show you…*peace*…

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