Haunted Harold’s Top Ten Signs that You’re a Ghosthunter!

10. You have more photos of ghosts than you do of family members.

9. You invite friends over to watch home movies and they see your last three investigations (three hours of film of an empty room).

8. At parties and events, you’re filming ceilings, walls, and other places where there aren’t any people.

7. Your idea of a family reunion is a trip to the family plot.

6. UPS now delivers your new equipment to your office rather than your home so you don’t have to explain to your spouse why you need another ghost detector.

5. You’re the only one at Uncle Bob’s funeral with an EMF meter, digital recorder, and IR thermometer.

4.You sleep with your camera next to your bed, just in case.

3. You take a picture of your entire family and ask any deceased relatives to join in the picture.

2. Your company stops and stares at the Sony Night cam aimed at the bed in the spare bedroom and you have to tell them it’s not what they think!

And now the NUMBER ONE way people can tell that you’re a ghost hunter ~

A child says that they have an imaginary friend and out comes the camera, tape recorder, cam corder, EMF, and IR thermometer!


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