Haunted Harold and the housekeeper, my Blue Tooth, and phone.

I was talking to a woman on the phone yesterday for the first time and she brought up Harold. I was telling her that I stay in a hotel and had to complain to the front desk about the housekeeper. “It’s like she does the bare minimum in order to get out of my room as soon as possible,” I said.

Even though I didn’t say this to the hotel manager, I wondered if Harold was the reason. After all he is in my room with me. I even put him in an out of the way place, behind a chair. It still didn’t help. That’s when I decided to take Harold out of the spot he was in, with the flap of the bag open.

Anyway, as I was talking to (I’ll call her Sharon), I suddenly realized that I was talking to myself. I looked and the call was still active, but I couldn’t hear anything. I looked at my “Blue Parrot” (a type of Blue Tooth over the road truckers use) and it was turned off. “Odd, I thought I had a lot of hours of charge left on this.”

I called her back, and apologized. A little later I asked if she’d mind if I called back in a few minutes.

When I was able to call her back I looked at my Blue Parrot, again thinking I should have plenty of power on it, so I tried turning it on. That’s when I realized, it hadn’t run out of power. It was turned off.

When I’m not using the device I turn it off. Last night when I turned it off I decided to see how long it took to power down while I was holding the button. Between two to three seconds and, again, I have to hold the button down for it to turn off!

This happens quite frequently actually, I’ll be talking to someone who’ll ask me about Harold. We’ll be talking and my phone will disconnect. I’ll call back and we’ll resume the conversation, and the call will disconnect again. I’ll call back, suggest that we change the subject, and the phone call will be fine.

Another time my phone will disconnect on it’s own is if I’m talking to someone about moving to another state, without talking about going to the state where Harold is apparently from, first.

Recently, I thought I’d do a video of Harold when the video on the phone was malfunctioning after talking to Fiona, the woman who believes that the spirit inside the doll and she were brother and sister in a previous life. That’s when I found out that Harold can do more than just disconnect my phone calls.

Here’s the link – http://youtu.be/0dBL90YMZpU

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