Harold the Haunted Doll caught in a lie?

Okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t know what to think, or I should say I was hoping that what Linda told me was the truth. Not that she lied. I think Harold did – to her.

I received an email at little bit ago from Linda, in which she shared with me the thoughts that came to her last night that she believes came from Harold.

So much of it made sense to me. She related things to me that she could not have possibly known. She also said that Harold said he sees me as a “father figure,” which I thought was interesting.

But then there was one line that made no sense at all. “He says he doesn’t make people sick, people become that way, but people want to blame him.”

I’ve seen people become sick in front of my eyes in his presence, not to mention, physically injured. It’s almost as though he couldn’t help himself … he had to lie. Which would explain why she says that he told her not to tell me anything.

Both of which makes me doubt everything that was supposedly said.


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