I tried to warn her about Harold the Haunted Doll!

I was talking on the phone with Linda (not her real name) when somehow, Harold came up. She started joking, making fun of, laughing at, and about, Harold. I kept telling her, “I wouldn’t do that, or say that. You need to stop.”

Since I’m in the Denver area, and she’s in New York, she was thinking, “What can happen?” She kept laughing and joking.  Well, she found out.

She did suggest, in all seriousness, that I contact a strega, a practitioner of Italian witchcraft. to see what I can do to release Harold.

A couple of hours later I started receiving the following messages on Facebook – my messages are in bold print, her messages are italicized.

Hi, been dealing with a Harold inspired incident.

… well I hope it was a good inspired incident… you might want to remind him of his request …. tell him (Linda) says behave…  🙂

Seriously of you need anything, or if I can help… I would love to assist…

How can you help?

I guess you don’t know … R was attacked by Harold.

… sorry was away from the PC cooking…. I really don’t know how I could help, the one thing that comes to mind is pray… not saying if I am gifted, but I do come from a bloodline of Stragas on one side and Santeria on the other…. OMG Anthony I just had to step away from the PC as I was typing big blue started yelping in terror… that is a first… WOW!  He’s OK now, but something has him shaking…. I mean shivering….. WOW!

I have never heard this dog yelp so loud…

 ….he is shivering.  What is this??

I don’t know.

Anthony, maybe just coincidence but he has never done this, he’s so scared he won’t even get up… just has his head down ears back and shivering curled up in a ball…. several things have fallen I the living room within the past 10 min and nothing is there… so what I’ve started to do is pray… what do I do?

Going to catch some zz’s or take a nap, I am not a good sleeper so I can’t say I am going to bed…. I will probably be up in a few hours if I can sleep at all…. as long as the big guy (Blue, the dog) is next to me he is fine, so he’s s going to sleep in my room tonight…. something I never let him do, but what ever has him going has him going (poor thing)… I am fine….

I had the strangest night EVER.  First the dog yelping like someone was killing him, the fan being turned upside down, things falling in the living room…. all that…we went to bed… I woke up around 2:00am with a screaming headache, and violently vomiting…. and then I was fine…. ODD right?  I don’t think I ‘m getting sick because as fast as it came is as fast as it left…

As I was reading this I immediately knew what was going on.

It was Harold.


I tried to warn you.

Oh, I am up AGAIN… been up and down all night… Feel like a little kid this morning, very happy t’s not dark out anymore…. I guess I am a chicken huh? The only thing I was never really scared of was ghosts… but I think after this last experience I have re-THUNK that….

…. bumps in the night kind of always made me feel like I had company… for the first time those bumps in the night had a completely different feeling, didn’t like the company….. and yes you did warn me…
Anthony, is the worse over??? The dog is so big, he has never displayed any type of fear like that, Anthony, he was truly terrified last night… he is sleeping right next to me, for me to get out of bed for anything I have to jump over him, that’s how big he is…. and yes we slept with the lights on….
… I have a fancy plaque with the name and history of the surname “Gr—-.” That is where I have the candle lit for dad, underneath it… that fell off wall and just missed the candle, thank god, and office supplies by the printer.  I wasn’t in the room, but it was like the stuff was thrown off the desk… and again the fan being upside down, that didn’t fall it looks like it was placed that way…

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