The latest on Haunted Harold the Doll

I’m meeting with a paranormal group tomorrow to discuss with them doing an investigation on Harold. From my point of view, I don’t need them to “prove” what I already know, which is that the doll is “haunted.” I just want more evidence showing that.

I’ve also written a “treatment” (proposal) for a documentary that I’ll be presenting to a movie production company in the next day or two; after I’ve had a chance to let it sit, and can look at it with fresh eyes.

Not that I know how to write a treatment, but I can’t wait on someone who does to do it for me, and take the chance it doesn’t happen. I’d rather give it a shot and fail, than do nothing and “succeed.”

If someone out there is reading this, and interesting in “producing” a documentary about Harold, let me know! My email is “”


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