Harold the Haunted Doll gets Angry and Attacks Someone!

Last night I was videoing Harold with my cell phone and trying to capture an EVP or two to post of YouTube. I caught some EVPs alright, but mostly of Harold dropping the “F” bomb. For all of my friends who are reading this from a country other than America, if you’re not familiar with term, an “F bomb” is a phrase used to describe a curse word in English, starting with the letter “f.”

At one point he even said, “F*ck him!” It wasn’t something that shocked me, I’d heard EVPs like this from him before, but since I wanted something for YouTube, I erased it.

This morning I was talking with Fiona, a woman who may be the reincarnated soul of the little girl Harold was accused of murdering. If you don’t know the story, see the videos of Clairvoyant Erica Goodson’s reading of Harold on YouTube. You can access the first one from this site.

She told me that a friend of hers came over to her home to visit, last night, around the same time I was recording, drunk. To add insult to injury, every time she left the room, he’d grab, and drink, another one of her beers, even though she repeatedly asked him not to. Needless to say, she became upset with him.

To make a long story short, before all was said and done the Fiona’s friend was complaining of a headache (Harold’s favorite method of attack) so bad that he thought he was having a stroke.

A while later he was grabbing his side, and when he lifted his shirt, they found three “claw marks.” “Not guilty,” she told me.

Both of these “attacks” were classic Harold in my experience since I’ve had him. In case you’re wondering, Harold and I in Denver, CO, and Fiona lives in a southern state, a thousand miles away.


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