Haunted Harold the Doll and the crucifix

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is if I’ve had any personal experiences since I’ve had Harold. I have, but most of the stories I have involve other people. I did have another one of my own last night though.

I’ve been conducting EVP experiments with Harold hoping to capture more evidence of who he is, and what his story is about. Last night I thought I’d try it without the crucifix I keep with him at all times. So, I took the cross out of the bag, along with the holy water, left Harold in the bag, and started asking questions, recording the sessions on my cell phone’s video camera.

I did get a response to, “Harold, are you willing to talk to me?” I heard, “Yes … yes.” That was encouraging, but that’s all I got. Oh yeah, I also got a headache. It was a stress headache that caused my right temple to really hurt.

After three attempts to get Harold to talk, I finally gave up, zipped up the bag Harold is in, and got on my computer. My head continued to hurt, so I got up and went for a short walk around my hotel. After a couple of minutes the pain went away, and that’s when I began to wonder if Harold caused it.

I got back to my room and the same headache returned. I tried to ignore it, and the doll, when I remembered that I hadn’t put the crucifix back in the bag, which I immediately did. Within seconds, the pain went away.

The crucifix, blessed by Pope John Paul II, does seem to have an effect on Harold, as does the “holy water.” The first time I had a reading done by a psychic on Harold, I splashed the water on him. Later, when I listened to the recordings, I heard a man screaming in pain and cursing.

Recently, when I thought one of my friends was made sick by Harold, I doused the doll with holy water and moments later I heard, “Okay … she’s okay now.” I called my friend and she confirmed that she just started feeling better, after feeling ill for hours. She began feeling sick after we got off of the phone earlier that day. We were discussing Harold.

A couple of weeks ago, I took pictures of Harold because his energy seemed so “happy” after I took him out of his bag, to do EVP experiments with him. I was hoping to capture that energy on my cell phone camera.

Later, I put the crucifix in front of him, and took a couple of pics without looking at them.

When I did look at them the next morning I almost deleted them thinking that they were out of focus, the pixilation was so bad.

Harold with crucifix

That same night, when I put Harold back in the bag, I put him on top of the crucifix. A little later a thought came to me that Harold was enjoying sitting on the cross and “sh*tting” on it. I took the cross out from under Harold, put it on top of him, and the thought went away.

My point to all this is that I think I now know why I haven’t had as many “incidents” with Harold as you might think. I do believe that the crucifix acts as a “buffer” against Harold’s energy, and the threat of being doused with holy water seems to keep him in line as well.

Having said that, I’ve thought that for the sake of my investigation of him, about removing the crucifix and water and seeing what happens. I put them in with Harold after I received him and I was thinking of the stories Kathy told me about her experiences with him.

Then again … maybe I won’t. If Kathy is correct, and Harold is responsible for the deaths of two of her friends, I don’t need something like that on my conscience.


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