“Haunted Harold” makes a confession!

I found a WordPress website on Google about Harold. It was entitled, “Haunted Harold, the Devils Doll Speaks!”

I found it interesting for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve referred to Harold as “the Devil’s Doll,” for years now.

Secondly, this blog was apparently started on, or before February 10, 2010. It had an interesting angle in that it was written from Harold’s point of view. Also it contains stories concerning Kathy’s experiences with the doll that most people weren’t aware of, but Kathy shared with me.

I responded to a blog post that Greg, the original seller of Harold on eBay, wrote about selling Harold informing him that I not only won Harold in Kathy’s auction, but that I still owned him, on February 20th, 2010.

No other posts were written on the WordPress site after that.

So why am I bringing this up? Because I firmly believe that Greg started this blog, essentially to say that Kathy was crazy. He didn’t finish it after I wrote to him letting him know that I own the doll, and I’ve had my own anomalous experiences with it.

While I can’t prove it … it makes sense to me.

Whoever started this blog (ahem … Greg) admits in the post that the video posted about Harold in the original auction in which the doll appeared to move his arm, is faked, a camera trick (that’s the confession I referred to). I’ve always known it, but the writer (ahem … Greg) admits it.

I have to admit, I like the style that the blog post was written in. I only wish I would not have let him know that I owned Harold until he wrote Part 2 of his story.

There is another reason I decided to write this. While I haven’t looked, I’m sure there’s been an increase of “haunted dolls” up for auction, or sale, on eBay now, since the movie, “The Conjuring” came out. Someone asked me how do you know if the doll really is “haunted” or not? My advice to her was, “Bid on the doll, not the story.”

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