These Pics of Haunted Harold the Doll were Originally “Private.”


I took this pic of Harold last night because when I took him out of the bag he’s usually in, he’s energy felt so light and excited. He actually looks “happy” in this pic.

I took a couple more pics on my camera phone a few minutes later after putting the crucifix that was blessed by Pope John Paul II on him. I didn’t look at them until tonight, and I almost deleted them when I saw this.

Harold with crucifix

Can you see the difference? (You might want to click on the pics to enlarge them.)

It’s a very subtle difference in these images, but the second pic is blurry, or “fuzzy,” or “grainy.” I can really see it on my phone. Its almost as if someone put a film on the lens to diffuse the image.

This hasn’t happened on any of the pics I took afterwards with the crucifix.

My first impulse when I saw this pic was to delete it thinking it was out of focus. But, going back to the days when I was actively investigating paranormal claims I always take two pics and the second one was a little more distorted than the first! I believe what I captured here is Harold’s negative energy towards the crucifix.

One last thing. I sent the second pic from my phone to my computer through email, as I usually do. Once I got the email, I tried to open it to download the pic onto my computer to post it here. I can’t, and I don’t know why. So I “shared” it onto Facebook, and downloaded it from there.


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