Is Haunted Harold the Doll really “haunted?”

This Is a question I’ve been asked several times in the past few days, so I thought I’d answer it, for the record, here.

I decided that, before I answer, I’d look up the definition of the word, “haunted.” According to something is haunted if it’s “inhabited by ghosts.”

I then looked up the word, “ghost.” defines the word this way, “the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.”

Haunted dolls aren’t all that uncommon. As a matter of fact, I have several that I believe do, in fact, have a spirit attached to them. For example, I have a dolly named, “Dolly.” She supposedly belonged to a 6 year old girl who lived In West Virginia, and whose family was very poor. The doll was given to her by a church who got her as a donation.

This girl fell in love with the doll, named her “Dolly,” and constantly had her wherever she went. She supposedly was holding her when she fell to her death. There are even stains on the dolls dress that look like blood.

Does she walk? No. Does she move objects? No. Does the little girl who owned her appear to people and scare the living daylights out of them? No.

So what does she do that makes me believe she’s “haunted?” When I show her to people, if she likes them, and wants to go home with them, they will smell a lavender scent. Once, when I showed her to my friend, Camille, it smelled as though someone doused the room with perfume.

If she doesn’t like the person I’m showing her to, then an odor that can only be described as raw sewage will fill the air.

As far as Harold goes, he doesn’t move. He doesn’t change positions. He doesn’t cause things to fly around the room. He’s never written any notes, asking for help, and he doesn’t usually move things. I say “usually” because just this morning I found my digital recorder, which I left on the table last night, on the floor behind the chair I sit in this morning. *In the top pic, you can see Harold, the chair, and (barely) the digital recorder.*

Digital recorder

I think Kathy, the woman I bought Harold from on eBay described him best when she said, “Harold doesn’t move. He just sits there and hurts people.”

Back in 2004, after I first got him, and I captured the first EVP telling April that he going to kill her, I showed him to a woman named Heather. She had heard stories about him through mutual friends and wanted to see him for herself. When I showed her the doll she asked if I would put the Duane Reade bag he was in next to her. I put the bag to the right side of her.

A few minutes later she said to me, “Anthony, I don’t think there’s anything to this doll. I don’t feel any energy coming from him.”

A few minutes after that, she screamed, “What the hell?” and grabbed her right side.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said. “My side just started burning!”  She excused herself, got up and went to the bathroom. “Anthony, would you come here and look at this?” she asked me. I walked over to her.

“Do you think Harold did this?” She lifted her blouse up, and showed me a long, red, scratch on her right side.

Could she have done it to herself while she was in the bathroom? Absolutely, but why? She told me before it happened that she didn’t believe there was anything to the stories about Harold.

I’ve also caught a number of “Class A” EVPs while doing sessions with Harold, after the one I caught during the reading with April. And I’ve seen other people who were physically injured in front of my eyes, while they were doing a reading of Harold.

In my next posts, I’ll tell you about more incidents involving Harold including a couple at the Stanley Hotel, in Estes, Colorado.

After that, I’ll let decide if you think Harold is haunted, cursed, or if there’s nothing at all to Kathy’s stories.

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