How I Ended Up Owning “Haunted Harold.”

Harold was originally put up for auction in 2003. He is supposedly the first haunted doll ever sold on eBay. The listing Greg wrote made him the subject of websites, and news articles around the world.

I didn’t see the original auction, until Kathy, who won the auction put it up for sale a year later. Kathy told me that the reason she bid on the doll was not because she believed the stories, but because she wanted to learn doll restoration, and her teacher told her that this doll was perfect to learn on.

A year later, after having a number of personal experiences, including the deaths of two people she knew after they came in contact with Harold, she decided to put the doll back up for sale.

When I saw Kathy’s auction on eBay, I looked at Greg’s original listing and literally laughed out loud. I didn’t believe a word of it or the video he posted. So how did I end up owning this doll?

Kathy had a reserve on her auction, and I was curious as to what it was. I kept putting in bids until the reserve was met.

I received an email from Kathy which started by saying, “I don’t believe Harold is haunted, but I do believe he’s cursed.” She went on to say why she thought so, and asked why I wanted the doll.

I told her I didn’t want the doll. The next day I was outbid by someone calling
himself, “Strange Majik.” He told me not to bother bidding any more because he’d
just outbid me.

“You might,” I thought, “but it’ll cost you.” My plan was to bid him up and then dump the auction on him. It didn’t happen that way. I ended up winning the auction.

Kathy was genuinely worried for me and offered to let me out of the deal, but I declined. After all, I told her, a deal is a deal.

Shortly after I received Harold I asked a friend of mine to do a reading on him. I recorded the reading. It didn’t last long, maybe a minute or two, at the most.

“I can’t do this. He just threatened to kill me.”

I was disappointed, and skeptical. I listened to the recording and clearly heard a male voice saying, “I’m going to kill you, bitch!”

I was stunned. I had more readings done, and seen people physically hurt in front of
my eyes while in Harold’s presence.

I put Harold in storage in 2005, only taking him out occasionally after that. This past June, of 2013, I took him out of storage to continue my investigation of him. So far, four psychics have done readings on him, and none of them wanted to have anything to do with him afterwards.


4 thoughts on “How I Ended Up Owning “Haunted Harold.”

  1. Roze

    Can i have harold the doll ? i have psychic abilities and have lived with different dolls so i would be glad to take him from you :).

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