Harold the Haunted Doll – He’s back!

But he does have a new website – http://www.HaroldtheHauntedDoll.com.

Haunted Harold - He's back!

This doll was the subject of controversy, speculation, news articles, and websites around te world when he first appeared on eBay in 2003.

I’ve owned the doll since 2004 when I won it on eBay from Kathy R.

In 2005, after a series of investigations, I decided to put him in storage. After that, I would take him out occasionally for short periods of time, putting him back in storage for long periods.

Is he haunted, as Greg, the original seller claimed?

Or is he cursed, as Kathy, the woman I acquired Harold from believed?

Or is it all just a hoax perpetrated by Greg, and continued by Kathy?

I recently decided to take him out of storage and resume my investigation to understand, once and for all, what the truth really is about this doll.

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