Haunted Harold did it?

People who visit Robert the Doll, the famous “cursed” doll in Key West, Florida, in the museum he’s housed in can buy all kinds of “Robert” merchandise such as t–shirts, mugs, and posters, with the words, “Robert did it!” It seems like Robert gets blamed for a lot of what goes on, since he was first owned by Eugene Otto, back n the early 1900’s, up to today.

I’m starting to think that the same thing can be said about Harold.

I met with my friend, Miguel Tarango, yesterday. Miguel filmed me taking Harold out of storage in 2010 (you see him in the film as well).  We had lunch and spent some time getting the next film about Harold ready to be posted on YouTube.  Miguel shared with me that he decided to start a personal journal since we posted the last video on YouTube, since he’s having some experiences and he’s wondering if Harold is responsible

One of the things he mentioned, and showed me, was unusual scratches on his wrist. I asked him if he and his wife had a cat (always look for a logical explanation) and he said that he did. The  problem with that explanation is that as I looked closely at the scratches, they formed what literally looked like a “Y.” Now, I’ve had three cats in my lifetime, and I’ve been scratched by all of them. None of the scratches I’ve had ever looked like a Y.

Miguel’s voice was also quieter than normal, and scratchy. He told me he lost his voice last Thursday, in a way that has happened only once before – when he first moved here to Colorado.

I immediately thought about Rick, the last person to do a reading on Harold. I wasn’t taking any chances that Rick might know of Harold so I unzipped the bag the doll is in only enough for Rick to put his hand in it. He immediately said he felt ill in a way that he hadn’t felt since childhood.

Miguel didn’t want to say Harold was responsible for either the scratch on his wrist, or him losing his voice, but he couldn’t help but wonder. Which is why he started to keep the journal.

After lunch we went back to the MacSpa, which Miguel co-owns with his partner, Amy. An appointment they had cancelled at the last minute. We decided to go ahead and see how far we could get with posting the video I filmed Monday night on my camera onto YouTube. Miguel wasn’t able to finish it, but I’m hoping that it’ll be posted by Saturday.

I mentioned in a post on here that Harold doesn’t move things. Well, that seems to have changed since then. The morning after I wrote that, I found the television remote, which I usually keep on the night stand next to my bed, underneath my bed.

The next incident involves my two cell phones. One I use frequently. The other I rarely use, or even touch.

One day I had to recharge my frequently used phone, so I plugged the recharger in and put the phone on the night stand.  A couple of hours later I looked at it and was surprised to see my second phone laying on top of it! I know I didn’t do that.

A couple of days ago, my wallet was moved on two different occasions. First from the table my computer sits on to my bed. I didn’t think much about it and put it back on the table. Later that evening I was surprised to find it laying on the floor about six feet away, under the heating and air conditioning unit.

This morning, my wireless mouse was blinking red, letting me know that I need to change it’s batteries. The brand new batteries I put in about 4 weeks ago. Which reminds me. I have beard and moustache trimmer whose battery died as well. After I used it for a total of less than 15 minutes.

Is Harold responsible for these, and other incidents I haven’t written about? Well, the film that Miguel will be posting on YouTube soon does seem to indicate that Harold is, indeed, haunted.

Anthony speaks about Haunted Harold and the Stanley Hotel

Hi Greg,

A friend of mine found this [blog post] and forwarded it to me. You may remember me. I acquired “Harold” from Kathy, winning him on eBay. This was at least 5 years ago, and I, in fact, still have him to this day.

As a matter of fact, I just had a psychic do a reading on him just this afternoon. This wasn’t the first reading I’ve done on him. In fact I’ve had a few done. But more on that in a bit.

When I first saw Harold up for auction, I wanted him because of the stories Kathy told me about her experiences with him. There were a few other factors, but I’m not going to reveal them here. I may sometime in the future though.

Since I’ve had him though, there have been a number of events that have happened that I’ve personally experienced, and witnessed. For the record, I’m not saying this because I intend to sell him. But I will tell you about one set of incidents involving this doll.

I live in the Denver area and brought him with me to the Stanley Hotel. A number of people (about 14)  heard I was there and that I investigate paranormal claims, and were in my room. Almost all of them were TOTAL strangers. Only one of them was aware of Harold and the stories about him.

I brought him out and put him on my bed. I said nothing about the doll. Someone asked if he was “haunted.” I only said, “You tell me what you think.” One man proclaimed he was a skeptic and didn’t believe in anything “paranormal.”

About ten minutes later they were all standing out in the hallway talking about Harold. The self-proclaimed skeptic asked, “What the hell is up with that doll?”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I felt as though it wanted to kill me!” I didn’t respond, only smiled. That wasn’t the first time; I had heard comments like that before.

Word about Harold spread throughout the hotel. The night auditor working that night was told by another employee, “Go up to Anthony’s room and check out his doll.”

“Why?” she wanted to know.

“Just go take a look at it.”

When she saw it she immediately had an intense headache, an upset stomach, and felt nauseous. I talked to her that night and she said that it lasted for 2 1/2 hours.

I bought Harold because I was investigating “haunted objects.” There is something going with this doll. I’m not sure what it is yet. I work with him for a short period of time, then put him away for long periods of time (typically more than a year).

It was only a little over two weeks ago that I took him out of storage after he had been in there for me than two years. My goal now is to finally determine whether or not there is something to this doll and Kathy’s claims about it.

Not to mention the incidents that have happened to people since I’ve had him. And there have been several, that I can’t explain just now.

Note – Greg did not respond to my post.


Haunted Harold and Debbie DeWitt

I’ve been spending time trying to capture EVPs from Harold, and while I’ve had some success, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was getting. Then earlier today I was thinking about how some of the best EVPs I captured where in places such as the Whaley House in San Diego, or in the presence of other psychics. So I asked a friend of mine, Debbie DeWitt, who is a gifted clairvoyant, to join Harold and me at a local cemetery.

We were there for about 30 – 40 minutes, and I have to say, it was a complete success in my book! I filmed, with my camera’s video recorder, not only my Tri Field EMF registering anomalous readings, but also a couple of EVPs.

Afterwards, Debbie was holding Harold and I took  pics. Three of the pics looked like this.

Harold and Debbie

I could see the “energy” the bottom of my camera screen. I thought I might be my finger, but the lens is on top of the camera as I held it. I checked just to make sure and my finger came up to the middle of the back of the camera.

When I looked at the screen agan, the energy was still there, but then literally dropped down the front of the screen of my camera.

Afterwards, I took 11 pictures trying to recreate what I saw in the first 3. This is an example of what they looked like.

Harold and Debbie2

These pictures were taken within minutes of each other, yet the energy in the top pic makes it look as though there was more ambient light than there was.


I’ve told this story before about Haunted Harold the Doll ….

I shared this story about Harold on Facebook, but realized I hadn’t done so here.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine told me, on Facebook, about a video on YouTube about Haunted Harold. I took a look at it and was telling a friend of mine about it a few days later (August 15). I told her that there were a lot of views of the video, but some of the information on it wasn’t correct, so I posted a comment on the video. That comment led to people (understandable so) challenging my claim that I owned Harold and have owned him since 2004.

Anyway, the day I talked to her I planned to go the storage unit I had him in to pull him out, and take picture with a current USA Today newspaper. My friend agreed it was a good idea.

Later that day I got a feeling that it would be a good idea if my friend wasn’t around Harold again in the future.. It was an idea that just popped into my head.

I got Harold out of storage, put him in my hotel room took a few pics of him with my camera phone, then went to a Starbucks for a cup of coffee while I read  a book. While I was reading I couldn’t stop worrying about my friend, and the “warning” I heard in my head, so I called her.

That morning when we talked, she sounded upbeat and happy. This time she seemed to be sad, and upset. “Are you okay?” I asked her.

“No, I don’t feel well. I don’t know why either. One moment I’m hot and sweaty, the next I’m freezing cold! My head feels fuzzy. and I’ve been feeling woozy.”

Without telling her why, I told her I didn’t think it would be a good idea to be around Harold anymore. She agreed.

After I hung the phone up with her, I went back to my room, took the holy water that I keep in Harold’s bag, and started splashing him with it. “Don’t ever do something like that to my friend, or anyone I love, ever again!” I told him.

I then sent the pics to the woman in England who created the video of Harold and told her about what had happened with my friend. As soon as I sent the email I heard, “She’s okay now.”

I immediately called and asked how she was doing. “I’m doing good! I just started feeling better a couple of minutes ago!” She sounded like her usual self.

I have no doubt in my mind Harold was responsible for what happened. It’s happened too many times before, with other people,  for me to think anything else.


These Pics of Haunted Harold the Doll were Originally “Private.”


I took this pic of Harold last night because when I took him out of the bag he’s usually in, he’s energy felt so light and excited. He actually looks “happy” in this pic.

I took a couple more pics on my camera phone a few minutes later after putting the crucifix that was blessed by Pope John Paul II on him. I didn’t look at them until tonight, and I almost deleted them when I saw this.

Harold with crucifix

Can you see the difference? (You might want to click on the pics to enlarge them.)

It’s a very subtle difference in these images, but the second pic is blurry, or “fuzzy,” or “grainy.” I can really see it on my phone. Its almost as if someone put a film on the lens to diffuse the image.

This hasn’t happened on any of the pics I took afterwards with the crucifix.

My first impulse when I saw this pic was to delete it thinking it was out of focus. But, going back to the days when I was actively investigating paranormal claims I always take two pics and the second one was a little more distorted than the first! I believe what I captured here is Harold’s negative energy towards the crucifix.

One last thing. I sent the second pic from my phone to my computer through email, as I usually do. Once I got the email, I tried to open it to download the pic onto my computer to post it here. I can’t, and I don’t know why. So I “shared” it onto Facebook, and downloaded it from there.

Check out these pics of Haunted Harold the Doll! #2


Here’s the pic I took last night after taking Harold out of his bag.

I did an EVP session earlier tonight, and didn’t capture anything. So I thought I’d do another one. I put the digital recorder next to Harold and decided to take a pic with the camera on my phone.

I was focusing in on Harold when my camera stopped working. Everything else was working on my phone, just not my camera. So I restarted it, and was able to take a couple of pics of Harold.


Is it just me, or does Harold not appear to be happy in this pic as he was in the pic I took last night?

Is Haunted Harold the Doll really “haunted?”

This Is a question I’ve been asked several times in the past few days, so I thought I’d answer it, for the record, here.

I decided that, before I answer, I’d look up the definition of the word, “haunted.” According to dictionary.com something is haunted if it’s “inhabited by ghosts.”

I then looked up the word, “ghost.” Dictionary.com defines the word this way, “the soul of a dead person, a disembodied spirit imagined, usually as a vague, shadowy or evanescent form, as wandering among or haunting living persons.”

Haunted dolls aren’t all that uncommon. As a matter of fact, I have several that I believe do, in fact, have a spirit attached to them. For example, I have a dolly named, “Dolly.” She supposedly belonged to a 6 year old girl who lived In West Virginia, and whose family was very poor. The doll was given to her by a church who got her as a donation.

This girl fell in love with the doll, named her “Dolly,” and constantly had her wherever she went. She supposedly was holding her when she fell to her death. There are even stains on the dolls dress that look like blood.

Does she walk? No. Does she move objects? No. Does the little girl who owned her appear to people and scare the living daylights out of them? No.

So what does she do that makes me believe she’s “haunted?” When I show her to people, if she likes them, and wants to go home with them, they will smell a lavender scent. Once, when I showed her to my friend, Camille, it smelled as though someone doused the room with perfume.

If she doesn’t like the person I’m showing her to, then an odor that can only be described as raw sewage will fill the air.

As far as Harold goes, he doesn’t move. He doesn’t change positions. He doesn’t cause things to fly around the room. He’s never written any notes, asking for help, and he doesn’t usually move things. I say “usually” because just this morning I found my digital recorder, which I left on the table last night, on the floor behind the chair I sit in this morning. *In the top pic, you can see Harold, the chair, and (barely) the digital recorder.*

Digital recorder

I think Kathy, the woman I bought Harold from on eBay described him best when she said, “Harold doesn’t move. He just sits there and hurts people.”

Back in 2004, after I first got him, and I captured the first EVP telling April that he going to kill her, I showed him to a woman named Heather. She had heard stories about him through mutual friends and wanted to see him for herself. When I showed her the doll she asked if I would put the Duane Reade bag he was in next to her. I put the bag to the right side of her.

A few minutes later she said to me, “Anthony, I don’t think there’s anything to this doll. I don’t feel any energy coming from him.”

A few minutes after that, she screamed, “What the hell?” and grabbed her right side.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said. “My side just started burning!”  She excused herself, got up and went to the bathroom. “Anthony, would you come here and look at this?” she asked me. I walked over to her.

“Do you think Harold did this?” She lifted her blouse up, and showed me a long, red, scratch on her right side.

Could she have done it to herself while she was in the bathroom? Absolutely, but why? She told me before it happened that she didn’t believe there was anything to the stories about Harold.

I’ve also caught a number of “Class A” EVPs while doing sessions with Harold, after the one I caught during the reading with April. And I’ve seen other people who were physically injured in front of my eyes, while they were doing a reading of Harold.

In my next posts, I’ll tell you about more incidents involving Harold including a couple at the Stanley Hotel, in Estes, Colorado.

After that, I’ll let decide if you think Harold is haunted, cursed, or if there’s nothing at all to Kathy’s stories.