“I was skeptical about Harold the Doll, but now….”

When I first heard about “Harold the Haunted Doll” it was late 2015. I have always enjoyed the paranormal and was inspired by the likes of Rob Dyke, lazy Masquerade and Be Busta to do my own YouTube channel. It was and is simple to do. I would narrate someone’s scary but true story, add some pictures/artwork and I would have something that people were interested in.

Starting out I had a lot of stories to work with as I seemed to know a lot of people who had experienced something strange and frightening. There were stories of poltergeists, apparitions, and premonitions of death. It was going great and I quickly had a decent amount of subscribers. The trouble I had was that I was running out of stories fast!

I needed some new material to work on. With the help of a very good friend I soon had people from around the world messaging me telling me their own scary stories. One such message came from a lady called Janet in Australia. She had a wealth of experience with the supernatural. We ended up having a lot of conversations and one day the subject turned to haunted dolls like Robert and Annabelle. That’s when she mentioned that she had done some work with the owner of a haunted doll by the name of Harold.

My eyes must have lit up as I was reading her latest message. Haunted dolls are really popular, a story like this would be fantastic for my channel! She did warn me, though, that she would be very surprised if nothing untoward happened whilst making my video about Harold. Did I believe her? I wasn’t sure, I am a pretty open minded guy, though. All of that was beside the point, the main thing was that I had a great story to get people to subscribe to my show!

Whilst I was first working on the video Janet’s warning was fresh in my mind, but when nothing happened after two days I pretty much took it with a pinch of salt. That’s when the strangest and scariest thing happened, and let me tell you it was damn clever on Harold’s part, he/it knew exactly how to get to me.

It still wasn’t enough to put me off, though. I read Anthony’s book and learned a lot more about the doll and the forces that make it so terrifying and dangerous.

I also ended up helping Anthony with several projects regarding Harold and am now helping Anthony with research regarding the entity who calls himself, “Harold,” because he apparently lived where I live, in the UK. Every time that I have helped, something new has happened to me and my family. If you want to find out what has happened to us I have left a link to a Vlog I made for Anthony below.

The point I would like to make is this. I see a lot of people that are ready and willing to dismiss “Harold” out of hand. Now if you want to do just that there’s nothing wrong with it, unless you haven’t checked the facts first. Read Anthony’s book, watch people’s accounts on his YouTube channel and I guarantee you will have a better idea of what’s going on.

I believe that skepticism is a wonderful quality to possess – it stops us from being taken for a ride. I was skeptical about Harold, but now I know just how real this whole matter is. Through my research, I have had solid confirmation of whom the entity calling himself Harold was whilst alive on this Earth.

Anthony has shared with me several pieces of evidence that he hasn’t made public up to this point. I have seen photographs of “Harold” whilst he was alive and compared it to the sketches and paintings seen on the Harold Facebook page, Anthony’s book and his Vlogs. It’s spooky just how alike they look! I have also seen sketches and writings done by “Vincent” that have checked out and I’ve confirmed other details that Anthony’s shared with me.

A lot more will have to happen before this person’s identity can be revealed. There are several reasons behind this which I am fully aware of. For a start, this person was well known and has living relatives. And as Anthony has said, several times, “I want the evidence to be ‘airtight’ before I reveal the identities of those involved, if I ever do.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

The United Kingdom



Preview of my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll.”


The story you are about to read is true. It is based on real events – my personal experiences since winning eBay’s most infamous haunted doll in an auction in June of 2004, as well as what has happened to those who have had encounters with the doll. I’ve also adapted the texts and Facebook messages of those claiming to have been affected by the doll. Many of the names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. A number of people have stated having had adverse reactions simply by looking at a picture of the doll, reading my blog, or posts I’ve written on Facebook. Not everyone has, of course, but I feel I must warn you in advance that I cannot be held responsible if you are affected physically, mentally, or emotionally from reading this book.


If you have ever researched or looked into haunted dolls on the web, chances are you have come across Haunted Harold. With that being said, Harold has an extensive history. The doll was manufactured around the turn of the century and is made of composite particles, plaster and water. The manufacturer is unknown at this time. You can tell the doll has been, and forgive my pun, through hell and back. The doll has been owned by people around the world. All of the previous owners have reported strange occurrences, such as voices, slight movement and changes in facial expression. Headaches, migraines, back pain and unexplained injuries have also been reported while in its presence. The doll has also been blamed for the death of two people. The doll being responsible for these deaths is still up to speculation, the truth may never be known….

Harold’s current owner, Anthony Quinata, bought the doll on eBay in 2004. After experiencing some paranormal activity, Anthony put the doll in storage from 2005-2013. We were contacted by Anthony to provide an understanding of what type of entity inhabits the doll. After an initial interview we decided to go to an undisclosed location and perform an EVP/Ovilus session. During the investigation, the Ovilus had numerous hits on the words “worry” and “guilt.” Our EVP picked up on many different voices accompanied by screaming and laughter.

While reviewing a short EVP session we conducted on our first meeting with Harold, our lead investigator became ill. Plagued with a migraine headache, severe lower back pain, and the feeling of being disorientated, the investigator had reason to believe he was being attacked. After our lead recovered, it was decided to delay the release of the evidence that was collected on Harold. It was also determined not to further pursue any other investigations with Harold and Anthony at this time.

 There is reason to believe the doll is inhabited by many spirits. Due to the evidence collected, we believe there is a malevolent entity that may be attached to the doll, disguising itself as many spirits. Anthony was informed of our findings and we wish him the best of luck with Harold. Hopefully, Harold will find his peace…. Lockdown Paranormal http://www.lockdownparanormal.com


My name is “Jane.” I live in Australia with my husband and two sons, the oldest of whom, “Vincent,” is moderate to severely autistic.

I was not, and still am not, the slightest bit interested in anything having to do with the paranormal. I was interested in learning how to sew cloth toys, so I went onto YouTube to find a tutorial on how to do just that.

God knows how I got on to the weird side of YouTube, but Annabelle was where I ended. I had never even heard of her before that but felt compelled to click and watch a short story on her. Then, at the side, I saw Harold!

He sure grabs your attention and draws you in. I think it was almost a sense of pity…, but also a feeling of wanting to know more. A need to know his story. He’s not a kind of thing you look at once on a page and move on. He makes you stop and look twice.

I clicked on the video clip, but to be honest I didn’t really listen to it too much (it was one with just a still picture of Harold). After that, I’m not sure… I think the phone rang or [my husband] came home, but I forgot about it and carried on with the day. Come to think of it, I don’t think my computer has worked properly since.

It would have been a few hours after I first seen the clip that Vincent saw it as well. I don’t really remember how we both got to being back in front of the screen. I think he wanted to play reading eggs or something, but I know his reaction was instant. He just stopped in his tracks, looked, did a double take, and looked again, which is unusual for him with his autism. Then he became instantly upset.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment was the beginning of what would be a roller coaster of events that would make my family’s life a living hell. It was like watching a programme on the television. As Anthony likes to say, “A real life nightmare,” only you’re awake. People may not believe, or think it’s real, but until it consumes you, and becomes your life, you have no idea. I think, this experience with the doll, it’s made not just me but all of us [in my family] that little more aware. There is a lot more to this world than we know and understand.

I’m still trying to get my head around what happened. It all feels so surreal.

Nothing in our lives will ever be the same or taken for granted. Yeah, I still keep looking at my two beautiful boys, hugging them that little bit tighter!

“Jane” (name changed at her request)

Harold flyer

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Haunted Harold the doll – the Reveal!

This film was shot back in 2010 and NEVER intended to be seen by the public!

I recently saw a video about Harold on YouTube in a series entitled “Haunted Dolls.” Harold is #5 in the series. There were so many views, and a lot of people wondering what happened to this doll, so I decided to post this video on YouTube, and start sharing my research, and opinion about this doll, with the world.

Is this doll haunted?

Is it cursed?

I’ll be posting more videos, and blog posts, documenting my research and investigation of this doll.

The Pot, the Kettle, and Harold the Doll

I have always freely admitted, long before going public about having Harold the Doll that I knew the original listing on eBay was a hoax. How and why I ended up with it anyway is something I’ve talked about in interviews, and wrote about in my book.

Kathy Chruszcz, the woman whose auction I won, had experiences with the doll which convinced her that it was cursed. When I received the doll from her, I wasn’t sure what to think, based on her stories.

A year after receiving the doll from her, I became convinced that something weird was going on with it as well. Like Kathy, I thought that the doll was, at the very least, cursed.

In 2013, I decided I wanted to find out, once and for all, what the truth was. Because of the ongoing myths about the doll from the original listing that was still circulating on the Internet at that time, I decided to make my investigation public so that people who were interested could follow along. I had no idea where it would lead me, and I didn’t care. I just wanted to find the truth behind the activity.

What I learned disturbed and altered my beliefs so much that I wrote a book about it. I made a promise when I did that I would protect the privacy of the family who was involved. Since then, I’ve been attacked by people who knew me, and people who didn’t. Not surprisingly, by people who didn’t even read my book. I sent a copy of my book to one guy who claimed to be a demonologist and who promised to read it. I doubt he ever did, but he did continue to attack me as being a fraud. He was an ardent apologist of the Warrens whose integrity has been under scrutiny and questioning as of late.

Since then, I’ve been attacked by people who knew me, and people who didn’t. Not surprisingly, by people who didn’t even read my book. I sent a copy of my book to one guy who claimed to be a demonologist and who promised to read it. I doubt he ever did, but he did continue to attack me as being a fraud. He was an ardent apologist of the Warrens whose integrity has been under scrutiny and questioning as of late.

Another guy who called me a liar was… well, I’ll share his name in a minute. He came at me several times, and I calmly rebutted all of his claims and accusations about me. It was obvious to me that he hadn’t read my book (still hasn’t the last I heard), and made accusations that weren’t true. Ironically, as you’ll see, he even suggested that the mother of the autistic child so important to helping me discover what was going on with the doll, needed to be examined by a mental health professional. It did make me wonder what kind of person does this sort of thing though. I left it alone because I didn’t have anything to confirm my suspiciions, until now.

Kathy recently contacted me about him and things she heard he has said. I told her that I didn’t pay much attention to him but I did wonder who he was and what he was about.  She sent me the link below.

Thanks to the help of my team of people who helped me research what I was discovering, I learned a great deal more than I probably will ever make public. I simply do not want to create another Amityville house, or Perron ranch sort of chaos. And I want to thank the members of my team for honoring my request that they do not divulge any details I haven’t made public either.

I do want to say, for the record, that I will never refute anything I’ve said about my experiences since having the doll. Not with my dying breath. Kathy has had her own experiences, as I mentioned before, but I’m not here to defend her or myself, but to share with you the blog post she shared with me. It’s obvious that the truth isn’t what people of this ilk are about. But you can read the article and decide for yourself.

Kathy has had her own experiences, as I mentioned before, but I’m not here to defend her or myself. I just felt I should share with you the blog post she shared with me. It’s obvious that the truth isn’t what people of this ilk are about. But I invite you to read the article and decide for yourself.

Thank you for sharing this with me, Kathy.


More Closure Surrounding Harold the Doll

When I revealed in 2013 that I have Harold the Doll, and have had it since 2004 when I won it on an eBay from a woman named Kathy, I did it because I wanted to make public that the original listings of the doll were a hoax. Having said that, I knew something weird was going on with the doll, I just didn’t know what.

Having said that, I knew something weird was going on with the doll, I just didn’t know what. But it wasn’t found in a flea market in Webster, Florida. No one ever tried to burn it and it wouldn’t burn. And my favorite, no one ever died from a brain tumor after looking into its eyes. (I have no idea where that one came from except on Ghost Adventures.)

Kathy and I stayed in touch over the years but things became extremely contentious between us before the doll was scheduled to appear on television. It got to the point that we stopped talking to each other altogether. Until recently.

As you may know, I was able to assist the souls imprisoned in and by the doll on February 15, 2017. I thought it only right to let Kathy know, since she is a part of its history, so I sent her a brief text saying that what was going on with the doll is over.

Recently, something strange was going on with my phone. As I was talking with people it would suddenly disconnect for no apparent reason. This sort of thing did happen, frequently, before I ended the insanity with Harold, so I began to wonder.

Then one day I was talking to a friend on the phone when it disconnected. Before I could hit redial I heard the phone dialing. “Hello! How are you?” I heard, but it wasn’t the voice of the friend I was just talking to. It was Kathy. How this happened I have no idea.

How this happened I have no idea. But we did spend a good amount of time talking. She is still suffering physical ailments that she attributes to the time she had Harold the Doll. So is her husband.

I’m so happy we’re on speaking terms again, and I hope that things get better her and her husband.

Kathy, if you’re reading this, let stay in touch!


I was Wrong about Harold the Doll. Part Two

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When I woke up and saw this picture that morning (see “I was Wrong about Harold the Doll Part One) I knew immediately that it was the Cathedral I went to Mass at when I returned to the Catholic Church almost 30 years ago.

Denver, Church of the Immaculate Conception.jpg

I also recognized the black thing surrounded by red as the bag that Harold has been in since 2013. It’s the same bag that Zak Bagans carried into the shack with the doll in it on the Ghost Adventures episode of the Island of the Dolls.

To the right was Abaddon hovering over “Harold.” The “lightning bolt” was what Vincent typically drew to show anger or upset.

I assumed that I was the one standing to the left of the bag. The “stars” above and to the right were the same sort of thing Vincent drew a couple of years ago when he drew a picture of the church his mother brought him to. They were inside the church when he grew restless and insisted on leaving. When he drew that picture he had the “black thing” outside the church, but the stars represented the “people in the church.” His mother told me that they were the only ones in the church at the time.

But I had no idea what the drawing meant.

I wrote a message to Jane asking her to ask Vincent for me. Since it was still late at night in Australia, I knew I wouldn’t be getting an answer anytime soon. “I’ll go to the Cathedral after she lets me know what this means,” I thought to myself. Since I knew I wouldn’t hear from her until that afternoon, and perhaps not until later that night, I even thought about not going until the next day (Friday). Suddenly, every fiber in my being screamed that I needed to go at that moment. So I did.

I knew from past experience that there was a Mass @ 12:15 p.m. I also felt as though I needed to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Because of the red in the picture, I thought a sealing ritual was supposed to be done on the bag. So that was my plan – go to Reconciliation, then the sealing ritual, and after that attend Mass. But I was running so late by this time I wasn’t sure I’d make it in time to do all of this.

As I approached the church I was stunned to see it covered with scaffolding and some sort of mesh. I almost didn’t recognize it. I tried to open one of the doors but it was locked. I wondered if that’s why the bag, Harold, Abaddon and I were drawn outside of the church. That didn’t make sense, so I went in through a side door.

“If this is really what God wants,” I thought as I entered, “He’ll nake sure that everything I need to do gets done. ” I have to admit, I was surprised to see that a priest was still hearing confessions, so I received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. One down, two more to go.

Next, a sealing ritual was done on the bag. Two down. I said a prayer and then celebrated the Eucharist (from the Greek word meaning, “Thanksgiving”).

After Mass was over, I stayed seated in the pew, quietly contemplating all that just happened, hoping I did what Dillon saw when he made his drawing, but I just wasn’t sure. Even so, I could barely keep still. I was so happy I wanted to shout and dance and sing. I kept wondering to myself, “Is it really is over  now?

I didn’t hear back from Jane until after I left the church and was heading back home. I thought about celebrating by breaking my Lenten fast, which I’d just begun the day before, and grabbing a bite to eat at McDonald’s. Something told me that I should just keep going.

I was on a shuttle bus passing the McDonald’s when I received the following messages from Jane –

This (he points to the building) is where someone will help you. Not the first one you ask, but the other quieter man. It’s really not happy (points to the blob with the red around it). It’s trying to get things to be its friend and fight but it’s being stopped by the light (points to the big yellow star thing).

Now he’s gone to get some toast. 

Oh and not sure if this means anything or he was being silly – don’t walk by McDonald’s. It will be bad. lol

As I read, and re-read her message, it all started to make sense to me. The first man I talked to was the priest who heard my confession. I told him about my frustration with God and not knowing what he wanted from me. “It’s been my experience,” he told me, “that whenever this happens to me it’s because I’m not really wanting to follow God’s will, but my own.”

I thought, “Am I wrong to want to want to be over and done with Harold, Abaddon, and everything that’s happened? I just want to move on with my life, without Harold the Doll being a part of it.”

Even so, when I received absolution, I felt elated. A huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt free.

The same priest who heard my confession also celebrated the Mass. I had the bag sitting next to me in the pew along with many of the pictures Vincent and drawn and painted so that when the final blessing was said, they would be sanctified as well.

Within two minutes of me arriving back home, I received a phone call that was an answer to one of my prayers! “Thank you, Lord!” I yelled at the top of my lungs! I went from happy that this was over to ecstatic!

Later that night, I was praying and a thought came to me. I groaned, “You can’t be serious, right?”

Since then, every time I think about what came to me that night, a sense of peace washes over me; even though I’m personally not happy about it.

I thought I was done with Harold the Doll after I left the Cathedral. I was wrong.



I was Wrong about Harold the Doll. Part One.

When this happened I shared it with a couple of members of my “Inner Circle” team. I wasn’t going to tell the story publicly, but I kept hearing that it’s a story that needs to be told, so here it is. 

You may remember when, a little over a year ago I was living in Gardner, Massachusetts, and someone claimed to be an “exorcist.” He said that could help me with the “demon” the owns Harold the Doll. He also claimed that he, and whoever helped him, both  made contact with the entity that was causing all the problems, and they both agreed that I wasn’t dealing with Abaddon, but a “low-level demon.”

When I was told this, I heard in my head. “I sent Harold to him. It was Harold that he saw, not me.” I also heard, “If he tries to do anything, I’ll kill him.” I decided to let this “exorcist” do his thing anyway, even after he suggested that I put the doll outside, and that would stop everything. Seriously? The spirit calling himself “Harold” was wreaking havoc in the lives of people around the world and putting it outside would stop it from bothering me?

Seriously? The spirit calling himself “Harold” was wreaking havoc in the lives of people around the world and putting it outside would stop it from bothering me?

To me, it just showed how little he knew.

Well, I decided I wasn’t going to warn him as I was told and I immediately felt as though my guts were being ripped apart. I went to the bathroom, passed out, and woke up with three cracked ribs.

I’m bringing this up because last Wednesday, March 1st, it had been two weeks, to the day, since I, with the help of a couple of new friends I’d made, facilitated the release of the souls imprisoned in the doll, with the exception of Harold who remained behind by his own choosing, in Brisbane, Australia. I thought that as soon as it happened, the lives of those were affected by the doll, including myself, would start to become better. They didn’t. In fact, in the case of a couple of people, they had become worse.

I’m now back in Denver, Colorado, and this past Thursday morning, I woke up, my intestines feeling the same way that they did that night in Gardner. I out of bed and went to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet, I started to black out. I wondered, again, if I was dying. I felt my wrist for a pulse, more than once, and couldn’t find one. I thought to myself, “I wonder if I did what I’m supposed to do, and now it’s time for me to go to my Father’s house.” Then I thought, “There is no way I’m going to die here and have someone find my dead body sitting on this toilet with my pajama pants around my ankles!”

I got up, used some toilet paper, flushed, and went to bed honestly not knowing if I were going to wake up in this life or the next.

Shortly after I fell asleep I woke up again because the Facebook Messenger app on my phone dinged. I didn’t look at who sent me a message or why. I was so tired I just wanted to sleep. So I rolled over.

When I woke up and looked at the message, what I saw took my breath away. I wasn’t done with Harold the Doll just yet.

Harold High Resolution Front Cover 2

My Plan for Harold the Doll?

My original plan when I went to Australia was to meet with the two priests whom I talked about in my book, “Harold the Haunted Doll;” the priests who stopped the attacks by the demon on Vicent and his family. I was going to ask them to take the doll after the souls were freed from it.

Well, I didn’t meet with them. I’ve done what I was chosen to do, without them. The one who calls himself Harold is still imprisoned in the doll, by choice, so the doll came back with me.

People have asked what I’m going to do with it. Will the doll ever see the light of day again?

I honestly don’t know. My focus right now is getting on with the rest of my life.

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